Just Wait

There’s no need to say, nor anything to whisper

Just wait till you have been told

By the person that was in action

Or the excitement of sharing

Will never be given

To the person that have kept mum

About all her adventures

I am not sure if any of you like it when your friend(s) would say, “hey, I heard that you did…”? Personally, I don’t. I get rather bothered with a friend telling me they have heard something about what I do from someone else, yet never wanting to say who said it, or who told them about it. I guess that’s the unavoidable inconvenience of having mutual friends. The person that went through things will never get a second chance of re-living the excitement of telling their own part of the story despite sharing it with Person A, only. The answer to how Person B will “know everything” that happened is clearly simple: after telling Person A, he/she will tell Person B, and then along the way a lot of other emotions, uncertain assumptions are added, and Person B believes Person A. After which, Person B will “clarify” with the first person, only to find out that a lot of things mentioned by Person A have been…uncompleted. How bothersome to only fill in the blanks! Actually, such occurrence is when you have that one nosy friend.

Well, don’t get me wrong here. There’s nothing wrong to share the things that happen in our lives to our friends, and absolutely nothing wrong to share information of your friend, to another (mutual) friend. In this context, everyone knows everyone, so where’s the problem? For me, it is the questioning and the probing to ensure that the information received from one person to another is accurate. It leaves me no chance to explain and tell my story that I have kept to share it with the other person in a different manner, and allowing myself a different way to re-live the days of happiness that I want to share. In fact, I would really appreciate it if my friend came up to me saying, “hey, tell me what you did…” even if he/she already “know it all”.


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