It ends up one step forward

and three steps back

that even if I took a jump forward

I end up two hops back

the moving and retreating

will never end

till the obstacle that is stopping me

ends with me

I was thinking about the recent things that has been revolving around me and came to a conclusion that there’s no other obstacle in my way (yet) until I cross the biggest hurdle of them all; nothing else but myself. I am the greatest obstruction to the things that I want to achieve and acquire because I am always the one giving myself the excuses and the reasons, to not go forward for the things that I’ve already got hold of. I simply let things slide and pass, till everything becomes too late, and as we all know the dreadful word: regret. I hope acknowledging this great flaw of mine is something I can work towards, so as to improve myself. Honestly, there’s nothing tougher than fighting the enemy of the “self”. 



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