Farewell to Dramas

Why is it that fictional characters in dramas feels so much more unreal than fictional characters from a book? Despite watching a couple of Japanese dramas over my break, it has come clear to me that my books are things that I can truly connect with. There’s never a given or definite ending to books, unlike dramas; they are all scripted and as much twists and turns there are in a story, at the end of the day, the main characters ends up together, the story line is basically the same old thing, and there we have it: boring. 

I have given dramas a fair chance for me to explore, and now that the break is coming to an end, the only way for me to escape my reality, is probably spending my time and mind, into healing my soul; with the books that I have yet to discover and can learn so much more from. Not to mention, books feels so much more worthy of the time “wasted” even if there’s homework due the following day, ain’t it? 


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