Ordinarily Extra

What makes a day so, extra-ordinary? Is it the fact that instead of being at home, we end up going outside to run some errand, and come to realize something? Is it simply taking a step out into the balcony to breathe some air after the rain? Or is it the mountains we climbed during our hiking trip that made a day so special? What’s this out-of-the ordinary-day that we are constantly in pursuit of, really?

Andy Warhol once said, “You need to let the little things that would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you.” If that’s so, then my readers, everyday ought to be extraordinary. It is cliche. Yet, it is what we always remind ourselves the moment we open our eyes and meet a new day. We truly believe that, “YES, today will be different!” even though deep down in our hearts, we know; we know the cold truth that another day has arrived, and things shall remain…constant. What makes a day so special –and perhaps different– is the memories we have of the day: the short writings done, the cup of tea we waited so long for, the book that made us lived 10 years longer, the warm dinner we attempted to cook; the many different bits of things we do, to make the larger picture of what a day can be: ordinarily special. The “little things”. Even if it’s just the stirring of the tea, or the crack of an egg, let them entice you and allow your mind to wander, and wonder, how these simple things have become something that became of purpose And there, just thinking alone have made your day, a little more meaningful. 

I hope your Monday went well, and even though it might have been the same, something must have been…different. 


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