Bidding my vacation away

I am finally feeling some changes in the weather, and the very fact that Fall is going to come, hits me rather strongly. Ask me why, and I don’t really have a definite answer towards this strong sense of change. Most days, I still feel like I am stuck in the month of August. Recently, however, I am beginning to feel the slow stretch that September is coming to an end.

Summer break lasted a mere 5 weeks for me, 5 weeks seems like a short amount of time. Wait. How can I even measure time on the number and days as it is? I am always falling into the time trap: I never know the luxury of time until it goes away and makes its last rush against me; the time that suddenly runs faster than it should be when something (I am sure of) is about to happen.  The nights are now getting longer as the sun sets earlier, and this sign itself, already indicates the gradual change in the season that is to come after Summer ends on the 22nd. Before I came to know that my days of sleeping in are coming to an end, school is about to hit its tracks, and I am on my way to squeezing my brain juices once more.

I am relatively excited about heading back to school, at the same time, worried. I have never experienced such a great amount of time given to me, to do whatever I want to do, with no worries about school, and not having to revise previously learnt materials. Suddenly jumping straight back into classes…can be quite terrifying, isn’t it? I am not sure, but I hope I have the ability and the motivation to get me through my Fall classes despite the insecurities that I have with regards to them. Thinking about it, I am certainly conflicted with how the education system works here. Well, till the next school quarter ends, I shall then decide. There’s always two sides to a coin, and nothing can be perfect, the only thing that matters is undoubtedly, the suitability of the system. 

Final week of break before everything happens again: waking up early, trying to freshen up, get dressed, walk to school, get into classes, see new faces, new instructors, new materials, new learning journey. And then before I even know it –once more– time flies. 


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