Insomnia| Tiredness

The clock keeps ticking

my mind is floating

to keep track of what its’ thinking

only to find out that there’s nothing

but simple thoughts of sinking

I am not sure if any of you have ever encountered those nights where you are just flipping around on the bed, and it seems like you are going through one of those sleepless nights, and somehow they continuously occur till you realize you might be suffering from insomnia? I am recently going through one of those moments, and I am always wondering what could be bothering me so much at the back of my head, that I can’t even bring myself to fall asleep. Insomnia is so tiring, paradoxically. I get tired of feeling tired just by trying to sleep. Does that even make any sense? As my last line goes, “simple thoughts of sinking” where the dread and fatigue leads me to anxiety and confusion; I end up tormenting myself as the inability of not being able to shut my eyes peacefully for 30 minutes drags me into the thirst of wanting rest that I can’t get. Indeed, I end up sinking deeper into the vicious cycle of it all. 


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