Time waits for no man / but man can still be given time

It’s said that we are able to slow or accelerate time in our ways, depending on the way we perceive things to be and how we would like that to happen. As the saying goes, “time flies when you’re having fun”, our conception of time certainly loses its tracks and sweeps us by without us noticing, but…why only when we are having fun? I am not sure how many of you have ever encountered such a moment whereby you want to sleep in for another 5 minutes, and somehow, as conscious as we are of the time that we are tracking, closing our eyes for a mere minute seems like forever. Certainly, when we check our clock and realize that we have only shut our eyes for a minute — which seems like a “long” time — we tend to oversleep because we “think” that time is actually slower when we get conscious of it. So…what am I trying to put across here then?

We should be aware of time but not get overly conscious of it. It’s like sleeping in for another 5 minutes, you are conscious, so you think time slows down when in fact, isn’t. However, when we don’t seem too aware of the time that is constantly going by, our guards are down and we get lost in time. I am always reminded on the importance of time, and that time waits for no man, or how time is the one great thing that should not go to waste. Yes, I definitely agree with the value of time, but should the value of time be the hindrance of the simple pleasures of simply doing things that we always want to do? Because we are so caught up in lives, whether the tiny things in our lives, or the lives of our loved ones, we get so uptight about time that we unconsciously –yet particularly– become aware of the time that surrounds us.

Passing time away can be that bit of a luxury that we are hardly granted with…and perhaps giving time away for ourselves is sometimes what we really need in the moment of stress, frustration, anxiety and craziness. Let go; gently and slowly, of the time that we all grasp so tightly. Time doesn’t just fly when we are having fun. Time flies faster in moments of relaxation, and moments when we are simply not doing anything. You know, don’t worry about sleeping in for another hour, don’t worry about not getting your emails read. Put away the time and let time do its job by floating by without us even knowing. Honestly, before you and I even begin to realize that we are losing it, we are actually getting back on our tracks to search for lost time and already heading towards the new path that we have set for ourselves because time is given to us, and we have given time for ourselves.

Have an awesome Thursday, and the weekends are sure to come!   



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