Beautiful Language

Learning a new language to me, is like diving towards a goal that is extremely deep into the waters because I never know when will I reach it. Language is a powerful tool of communication, as it allows one to speak to another in a familiarity that both parties can fully understand. I am currently trying to learn Japanese, and it is really a sudden burst of wanting to learn this language. I have always loved Japan mainly due to its culture (?). I can’t really say why I love Japan, but having been there as a tourist thrice, I actually do wish I could understand and read their language.

To me, the Japanese language is beautiful. Its characters are pretty, when sentences are formed, it appears wonderful, and not to mention the pronunciation of these words coming together, they all just…amaze me! That’s the thing about language, while something may mean this way to one; it means that, to another.

Having to self-learn Japanese have made me wonder: how did I even manage to learn two languages simultaneously at a young age? Could all the memorization and learning be understood, then? How should I start learning Japanese, the characters, the grammar, or vocab etc.? It feels like pointing out the very first step to learning something is: what really constitute the basics or foundation, and the approach to begin. Well, I decided to go with the ‘A B C’ which is basically the Japanese characters: Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. I mean, without your ‘ A B C’, there really isn’t a way to form words, right?

Learning another language is tougher than I thought it is. The current school that I attend consists of students that are completely foreign to English as a language, and I often wonder: hmm…how hard can it be learning another language? I guess I found my answer: it is tremendously tiring and difficult. I will keep trying nonetheless, and someday (or hopefully soon), I can speak Japanese fluently and use it appropriately when I make my way to Japan for a holiday! Oh, I found my purpose of learning Japanese!

I think languages are beautiful, and beautiful languages can be found everywhere in this world we live in.

So for now….頑張って!


2 thoughts on “Beautiful Language

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  2. I love Japanese for its Kanji. The concepts they define can’t be understood through english as a medium. Beautiful concept of defining concepts I must say.

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