September Calling

Happy September 1! It’s pretty crazy to realize how time flashes by, and 8 months have passed since 2013 begun. Let’s turn our heads around this journey that we have come along for the year 2013 now, and give thanks for surviving, living, and enduring thus far. I am proud of myself, I am proud of you too, my reader, for you are tremendously safe and lucky to be able to read this! What is it that they say about, “new month, new beginning”? While things may have seem to remain the same, reflecting always allow us to notice the difference and the change that we have not come to connect with. I think it’s a rather odd acknowledgement of how Time is the greatest and the scariest gifts of all things that we are being gifted with. Things do change within a matter of a second. There’s never really a start or an end with regards to the way Life works, in my opinion. Sure, there’s always a new month to look forward to (or dread), but I guess the idea of it all, is certainly to put things into perspective and set the definite goals that we all have for ourselves; today, tomorrow, the next day, and the later days of what we are expecting ourselves to be. However, “new beginnings” are just old practices being greatly used and improved repeatedly; don’t forget what made you who you were, to allow you to become who you are.

Anyway, to all of you, have a splendid September! Be safe, be kind, and let’s all be grateful for each day! 


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