Finding My Balance

We try to find our balance with the things that surround us. What’s that one thing that keeps you in balance in order to not lose one part of yourself? For me, it is reading.

I have been pretty caught up with watching 花より男子 (Japanese version of Boys over Flowers) because I am trying to improve on my (basic) Japanese. Due to the fact that I am not a drama type of person, it is pretty tough for me to get through a whole season of it, despite it being as short as 9 or 11 episodes. I have also realized that I am unable to find that attachment or connection to the drama, in terms of emotions, expression, feelings etc. compared to a book, where in a sentence itself, I can think deeper, harder, and ultimately find that attachment and connection to what the author is trying to convey. In no means am I trying to say that these actors and actresses are doing a bad job to express themselves of the character they are acting, but what can I really learn from dramas? What is there for me understand? How coincidental or real are these situations in the drama, as opposed to the realistic world?

I think about Life most of the time, and somehow, I am unable to get convincing answers out of dramas compared to books that I read. I have to find my balance now instead of sticking my butt down on the chair, placing my face in front of a screen, munching down countless of Oreos, and get down to reading. As much as I am already learning some Japanese terms, I know that a book is where my wonderland lies, and have so much more than what a drama can offer for me. So readers, where is your balance?


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