Where’s your other half?

Where's your other half?

A half-heart! Is it about relationship I am talking about here, or it is merely the way we do things that I want to talk about? Either one, I would like to just say that sometimes your half heartedness could very well be all that you can provide and give to another, or as a matter of fact, yourself.

We do things to the best of our abilities, we do the most that we can, with as much energy as we have, with the greatest sincerity that we consist. What they say about giving your 100%, is usually done with half-heartedness if you think about it. Hmm…because there will always be that doubtfulness within us that questions our purpose of doing something, even if it’s something we are willing to do. Willingness comes from acceptance. The acceptance and obligation we give ourselves to do what we want to do, or what we think we are capable to do. Only then, despite the doubts, we still give our “all”.

I wished I could take a complete finger-heart-shaped shot of this! But I was unable to because I had one hand on the camera, and the other hand free…you might say, “use a camera stand?” oh, sorry, I unfortunately don’t have a camera stand. “Ask someone to help you take the picture?” oh, apologies once more, no one was home when I wanted to take this shot. “Wait for someone to return home then?” Well, by then, that burning inspiration would have gone down and my energy would have been blown to bits. But was I being half-hearted about doing this? No, I was being 100% committed to trying my best to make something out of what I had. Surely, this isn’t the ideal heart that I had constructed in my mind, but, I managed to give my all with what I have.

Don’t blame yourself if you don’t think something is not up to standard, don’t hurt yourself if you keep questioning why you are unable to give more than you can; we are what we can give. We only have so much to take, and so much to return. To you, my reader, I just want to sincerely tell you that sometimes there isn’t a need to seek so desperately for your other half. Be it a relationship or anything with life. Your half is probably your all. Take it as it is and before you know it, your other half will come by to make it more than 100%.

I wish you all a great Monday, and a wonderful week ahead!


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