The Metamorphosis: Thoughts

Completed Franz Kafka’s ‘The Metamorphosis’ last night before bed, and I was really upset when Gregor Samsa died.  What a way to end my day and begin my night isn’t it?

In a matter of a few pages, Kafka has crafted a story filled with anxiety, guilt, confusion, desperation, and matter of responsibility, to name a few of the themes explored. I felt desperate for Gregor at a certain point of time, especially when he came to realize that the family was losing the only source of income and security they had. The story leads its readers into wishing that there was going to be change in the outcome of Gregor’s misfortune: turning into a hideous looking bug. (I was afraid with the image I formed in my head!) The anxiety definitely made me feel relieved when Grete finally addressed the topic that everyone in the household was not willing to bring up: Gregor being a bug was the greatest burden to them. To be very honest, I wasn’t expecting Gregor to die so soon…I was still holding onto the light that maybe he would transform into his human state again and change the whole circumstance of his family’s situation! Did any of you, my readers, actually feel the same if you have read the story?

I am just glad that I didn’t miss out on this story, and Kafka have definitely led me into the light – on a very basic level – to not take things for granted because we never know what tomorrow brings, as cliche as it is. On a deeper state of learning for me, this story suggests how people change and transform so quickly, that sometimes we don’t really know what and who we are dealing with, and whether there is a need to hang on so tightly to things that we are clearly doubtful of.

[On another note, I am guilty for killing ants all the time when they bother me, and after reading this book, it makes me want to reconsider the way I see these insignificant, yet just as important organisms that makes up our diversity of living things.]


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