Seattle’s Pike Place Market

Seattle's Pike Place Market

This picture was taken about 4 months ago. I cannot believe how time flies! I am just sifting through some old pictures I have taken and decided to share it here on this new blog that I have created, mainly to share my photos really and get through the next 4 weeks of my Summer break!

This is just a sign of the Public Market in Seattle, Washington.

For those of you who do not know, Seattle’s Pike Place Market is where the first (and original) Starbucks is located! I don’t really know what I should say about Seattle. Pike Place Market is probably the only area that I truly enjoy visiting every time I do take the hour long bus journey down to Seattle from where I stay. I love how busy it is: people or tourist getting in line at the famous Starbucks location to grab their drink, people getting their fresh groceries from the market, people getting in line at the bakeries to have some fresh, piping hot baked goods (oh,think big snicker doodle cookies and cinnamon rolls!), and just the liveliness of the street music around Pike Place makes me like this particular area.
Seattle is a city that is very relaxed, in my humble opinion. It is a city where you are able to find a great coffee house to sit down with a hot cup of Latte, have a book, and simply enjoy yourself in the warm atmosphere on a oh-so-famous Seattle weather: rain (notice how cloudy and dark the skies are in the picture). Unfortunately, I have yet to experience this form of relaxation myself in Seattle as I describe it…however, Seattle just sets off this instant vibe whereby you just know you are going to enjoy the type of serenity without desperately searching for it.

Alright, so now you folks know, Seattle is a chill city to be. It really is!

Here’s a picture of the cookies I mentioned:



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