Handsome Dog

Handsome Dog

I have to admit that I am not a pet lover, and it is really rare of me to compliment pets in general besides saying, “oh, how lovely!” or “how cute!” but this photo of this dog that I took a couple of weeks ago, owned by my friend’s previous host family looks real handsome to me. Don’t you agree?

I like the way he is so well postured here. He was being very co-operative with me when I took my camera out in an attempt to take a photo of him, because my friend told me that he is not fond of pictures. Don’t be fooled by his dominant energy in this photo; he is an extremely well natured dog. Thankfully, he doesn’t bark when strangers enters the house (I’m actually not too sure if it is a good thing for dogs or not..at least it is less intimidating for me)

What I like about this photo would be his perched ears, his focused eyes, and an intensity he exudes in this shot. He seems to be extremely aware of his surrounding. Notice the frown between those concentrated eyes, added with the contours of his mouth? This handsome dog looks frustrated and dissatisfied now.

In fact, when I got this shot, his dinner was going to be presented to him for consumption. Maybe he must be wondering what he was going to have for his meal? Maybe he was fixating his eyes on my sister who was rather nervous to be around him? I am not too sure, however, my guess is that he was really not pleased with dinner because he didn’t finish it and left his bowl shortly after a couple of mouthful of it.

I really like this dog, and it is a good thing for me to begin appreciating pets in general. Actually, just the big dogs.

EXTRA: Which one appears happier? Left or right?




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